Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tile Obssessed

I have been meaning to get to some projects done, but have been so indecisive on product. Today I finally forced myself to sit down and make some decisions. You are welcome Overstock for taking all my pennies!
Can't wait for them to arrive and show you the update they'll create in my home!

Which tile is your favorite?

Friday, March 7, 2014


Does anybody else get hooked on a DIY technique once they have done it and then imagine all of the other applications?

I kind of do. I get OCD about it and it drives my husband crazy. My gold swiss crosses from the drapes I did were so easy I couldn't stop conjuring up all the different things I could do with my gold material.
I found these pillows at an estate sale. They were in super good condition but the color was a little too dusty rose. I used RIT Color Remover and it lightened the pillow to this fabulous color.
Once my pillows were the blush shade I wanted, I started on my gold deer applique. I searched deer shapes until I found one that wasn't super babyish but not masculine either, since this is going in my daughter's room. This keeper got uploaded to Photoshop to get resized. I had already adhered the gold fabric to the interfacing like my drapes.
I cut out the deer shape, put some parchment paper over the top of the deer and ironed onto the pillow.
Next up might be a DIY shirt. Then-fingers crossed-my gold applique obsession will finally be out of my system.

Monday, March 3, 2014


My husband's grandmother hand-stitches an adorable blanket for all the grand babies. I'm still dying over the one she gave us for little E. All of those stitches must have taken hours!
Below are close ups of some of my favorite of the animals.
I have been trying to find a vintage blanket holder to place underneath the picture frames to hold the blanket. So far, I have had no luck. Right now, two pins are holding it up on the wall. Maybe a DIY?
What are some of your treasured items given by loved ones?

Monday, February 24, 2014


When Mandi over at Vintage Revivals started her "Rock What Ya Got" series, I knew that my light fixture either needed to be transformed or thrown out.

I decided to take her up on the challenge and minimize my stash. My husband lovingly refers to it as a mini DI. Pshh, more like a treasure trove.
When I first saw the light fixture, I loved the real brass trim around the mid century feel polygon glass panel shapes. The 90s brass fixture...not so much.

To eliminate the cheap brass surrounding the lighting, I painted the whole surface navy blue. Tip: there is a reason light fixtures have a reflective surface. DIY hindsight is always 20/20.

Not to be defeated, I used paint stripper to remove the paint from around the top surface. The look was better, but the stripper marred the fixture a bit and at this point I decided I wanted something different in the space anyway.

So, it lived in my garage for quite awhile.
Until now! While it didn't work out as a light fixture, isn't it just screaming to be turned into a succulent planter? The brass and glass cover, even has a small hole at the bottom for the water to filter out. Another key component, was that the glass panels had been soldered together very well to hold the soil and water.
The one purchase I made for my project was this succulent garden from Home Depot for 20 bucks.
Fabulous! So glad I "rocked" instead of chucked.

Below are some other awesome tutorials on glass light covers turned to succulent planters:
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