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If you follow me on Instagram, you know this amazing Diamond Front United Furniture dresser was white. Not a fabulous white we all love-Instagram filters worked so well to fix that for me-but an aged, yellowy white that sighed of years passed. 

The sad, yellowed tinge help me to steal this amazing mid century piece for $40 and my original plan was to sand the beauty down and paint it back to its glorious white.
Then, I got to the bare bones and look at that veining! My heart just could not cover it up. I had it all sanded, wiped down and ready to go for a month in my daughter's room. The longer I had it raw and natural, the more I couldn't paint it. I was in love with the ceruse-like finish the older paint being sanded off had left.
One main problem I had is there were two different types of wood used to build the mid century dresser. The trim around the drawers and the curved arch bottom was made of a softer, lighter wood. Because there was already the interesting finish, I felt there needed to be some sort of cohesiveness with the wood and opted to paint the cheaper trim wood. Besides, who doesn't love an amazing two tone mid century dresser?! When done right, it is perfection.
I sanded down the finish to get rid of any remaing paint that was not engrained into the wood and taped off the wood to paint. My stockpile of paint already contained this lovely, pale blush pink I used on a mirror and it paired so well with the wood and my little girl's room.
Originally, I was only going to paint the trim on the lower half. Once I was done, it seemed off balance and to even it out I painted the front of the top as well. Symmetry did the trick! 

For the raw wood, I applied Minwax finishing paste with the same technique as my other dresser.

One trait you must possess when doing DIY projects is the ability to adapt and change the plan. I can probably count on my one hand how many projects actually went as intended from start to finish. The unknown is part of the fun! Don't be too stuck on anything. If it isn't working out as envisioned, see what will make it work.
I could not quite tell if those pulls are original to the mid century dresser or not. When painting white was on the agenda, the holes were going to be filled in and covered up but this way they work well.
I love the combination of wood tone, blush pink and gold. So gorgeous and the perfect addition to my little one's room.

I mean that grain it to die for, right?! It won me over at first sight.


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