Saturday, August 30, 2014


RugsUSA is having one of their discount sales for Labor Day! I always wait to when they are having one of their sales-normally they are 65 to 75 percent off-to purchase my rugs and lucky for me this Labor day rug sale is 70 percent off plus free shipping. It is going on now through September 5th.

I sold my whole living room set and the mint rug and emerald rug below are the two contenders for my replacement rug.

Rugs USA Tuscan VS103 Trellis Flatwoven Grey Rug

Rugs USA Tuscan Trellis VS77 Green Rug

Rugs are so hard for me to decide on...

Do you have a favorite?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


This bathroom is what my children use and it also gets quite a bit of viewability when we have guests. Before I overhauled this guest bathroom it had damask, brown and blue. Slowly but surely I am purging all the traditional style out of my abode. 

When we first moved into our house, I didn't know my style and that is what Tai Pan looked like, so that is how my house turned out. Not that traditional is bad, it just isn't me and I think your home should reflect your personal style. Not someone else's.
I wanted to make sure the bathroom was a fun, bright space that was somewhat playful, but still grownup. I was able to accomplish this great, easy bathroom update with the four key elements below.
Sunburst mirror from Gordmans: This is a new store in my area. When it was being built I thought it was a sporting goods store?? Anyway, lucky for us its not. I would say it is kind of like a Costco version of TJ Maxx. I have found two really good items here: the mirror and an amazing frame I'll share later.

Emerald green striped shower curtain from Target's RE Room Essentials line. I couldn't find the green one online but they have it in blue.

White chevron texture floor mat is also from Target's RE Room Essentials line. Again MIA online, but this bath rug is to die for.

For Christmas last year, my husband's parents gave all the children framed art from their childhood. What a great idea for a personalized gift and I love his little drawing from when he was five.
N still can't quite reach the sink to brush her teeth and wash her hands, so this vintage ottoman works perfect as a step stool to give her some extra height. The cushion is reupholstered in Robert Allen's Casablanca upholstery fabric that I had leftover from the pillows and my Dwell Studio look alike chair I had done.
The copper leaf framed wall saying was a DIY I created for some personal wall art. 
You can view the tutorial here.
These bulbs look so much better than those white round ones.
I've been contemplating a DIY for this starburst mirror because I need it in another place in my house. There were two left at Gordmans, but I only grabbed one and now they are gone. Dang it! Score another point for my inner hoarder...should have listened to that little voice.

Saturday, August 16, 2014


I was a book club moderator for Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc awhile ago at my book club-you can read about that event here and review of the book here-and as I was clearing out old materials I came across this quote I had written down from the book.

Something to think about.

The picture is one I took while visiting the Chihuly in the Garden Exhibit at the Desert Botanical Garden in Arizona for a work retreat.

If you would like an 8x10 copy of this wall art quote, email me and I will send it over the original.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Thursday, August 7, 2014


I don't know why IKEA even sells this as a spice rack in the kitchen section. They should just switch out the packaging and put in over with all of the other kid items. Hint, hint marketing gurus at IKEA. 

Just google IKEA hack bookshelf from spice rack and you'll see what I mean. You'll also know why I was so sad 5 minutes ago after I was once again reminded that my "creative" brain isn't so creative.
Well, since I already spilled the beans that this is not anything new or crazy. This is a quickie hack tutorial. Like kids wake up in 15 minutes quickie.
Behold the BEKVÄM spice rack from IKEA. Not only is it amazing it also is only $3.99. Get that! Not 20 years of grime on it that needs to be detoxed off before painting and still under five bucks. The gloriousness of IKEA.
Four simple supplies-don't include the Command Strips from the picture and do include drywall anchors and screws.
Step One: Assemblage of IKEA piece. This is where the most curses come out to play after IKEA purchases, but I assure you this one wasn't bad at all.

Step Two: Goldify it. I used the Design Master spray paint Jenny recommended here. While I tout their copper version, I didn't love the gold quite so much. The paint almost had this fake quality to it. Still on the hunt for a perfect gold spray paint! If you don't want the grain to pull through you will want to sand before you spray. I wanted the texture though and left them all natural.

Step Three: Notice how in my supplies picture you see some Command Strips? I may have overestimated their strength on this one. Nails didn't work either. Third time is a charm. Drywall anchors and screws worked wonderfully. Just make sure your screw heads fit in the hardware hole on the back. I had to scour through my whole pile of leftovers to find enough that worked.

Step Four: Hang that piece of Midas and you are done.
Still in love with my hand made Swiss Cross Drapes and the shelves complete the corner!

Sunday, August 3, 2014


Above N's bed is a spot begging for a large, gorgeous piece of art. I stumbled upon from a Facebook ad and love the two bottom prints I found on the site. 

The majestic horse photograph print came from a different site called and is my favorite of the three. There is something about the gentleness of the horse's eyes that speaks to me.
 Montana Horse 02 - Troy Moth
 Living Remnants of the Not-So-Distant Past - Shannon Dunlap
Peonies In Vase - Kelli Hall

I have never really purchased art and am struggling with the prices even though I know they are relatively cheap as far as art goes. 

Do you have a favorite site for art or a piece you've been eyeing?